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  Ron Lehocky's Hearts

The Heart Pin Project

What started out as a small one-time project to help supplement the fund raising efforts of the annual Kids Center Fashion Show in 2005, Dr Lehocky’s Heart Project grown over the ensuing 11 years to a project that has generated over $310,000 for the Kids Center for Pediatric Therapies. And there seems to be no end in sight.

Dr Ronald Lehocky, a community pediatrician since 1974 and a volunteer on the Center's Board of Trustees, designs and constructs each heart individually from a versatile medium called polymer clay. The clay comes in a variety of brilliant colors which can be blended and tinted then manipulated into a myriad of designs which are then used to decorate the surface of the hearts. After curing (hardening) the clay in a convection oven, most of the pins are sanded and buffed by hand to give them a subtle gloss. Each pin is unique (like all the clients served at the center).

100% of the money raised from donations ($10 per heart pin) goes into a designated fund to provide continuing education for our wonderful and dedicated team of therapists (the Heart of the center) so we can continue to provide the most up to date therapies for our clients.

Thanks to all these retailers who have so generously embraced the Heart project and who take no profit for their efforts.

For those interested out-of-town donors who would like to obtain hearts you can contact Dr. Lehocky at or message him on Facebook (Ron Lehocky).

As this one man project enters its eleventh year it continues to grow. On September 30 2009 at the Bell Award Ceremony, Dr. Lehocky was pleased to announce that he had completed over 10,000 heart pins. As of Spring 2016, he has completed 34,500 hearts and plans to continue for many more years to come