Junk Food Sculptures with Jessica Mount at PCA 2017

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Create a variety of miniature "junk food" sculptures to turn into fun accessories. Hot dog earrings, nacho chip plate magnet, and a Supreme Pizza that can be sliced up into many different accessories, including magnets, push pins, key chains, a paperclip bookmark, and a funky ring!

Learn how to shade, texture, and imitate real foods while creating quirky new ways to add a little fun to your daily accessories.

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Jessica Mount
Jessica Mount

Jessica has been crafting for as long as she can remember, but her experience with polymer clay began in 2008. She has been creating miniature foods since then and has participated in a number of craft shows in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Her Etsy shop, Frosted Treats, has been open since 2008 and she has had the opportunity to create custom jewelry and gifts for people across the United States and abroad. When she is not crafting, she teaches middle school social studies and spends time with her husky, Summer.

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